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Anagram Generator
  This is an online anagram generator powered by the infamous Anagram Genius technology (developed over fifteen years!) Enter any subject, select appropriate settings and click Generate anagrams! The tool will then use advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to find anagrams which are grammatical, amusing and apt!

This anagram generator will generate up to 500 anagrams of subjects up to 30 characters in length, and show them instantly on screen.

Members may also use our email server to generate up to 2000 anagrams using subjects of any length.

The text to be anagrammed: (e.g. Your full name, e.g. "Anthony Charles Lynton Blair")
Target anagram type:  
Emphasis of anagrams:  
His/her/its gender is:  
Include offensive words?  
Check if business related: (name of business, businessman...)
Check if computer related: (computer-related business, product...)
Check if related to politics: (politician, political party or slogan...)

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